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The Charles Russell Portfolio

Each Print is Hand-Proofed from the original engravings published in 1922 as "Back-Trailing On The Old Frontiers" by the Cheely-Raban Syndicate, Great Falls, Montana. The ten prints in this collection were carefully selected from the 52 prints published as a weekly newspaper series in 1922. They were chosen to represent the best of this series of historical drawings by Charles M. Russell.

The newspaper consisted of the same artwork with an expanded full page "story" to explain the engraving artwork.

Each of these prints are a legacy of the West and a permanent record of a colorful era in our history. Through his work, Charley Russell left us an example of: "How to live in friendship with nature and mankind".

We think you'll agree that these prints will make a valuable addition to anyone's collection of prominent and historical "Western" art.

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Charley Russell