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C.M. Russell

Annihilation of Fetterman's Command
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Paper Size: 18"x 24"
Edition Size: 50 Sets
There is a spot in Johnson County Wyoming, at the foot of the western slope of the scenic Big Horn Mountains, which deserves equal recognition with the battlefield where Custer made his stand along the hills above the Little Big Horn. It is the site of Fort Phil Kearney, about which, in 1866 and 1867, waged the fiercest and longest continued fighting between the then powerful allied Sioux and Cheyenne nations and United States soldiers.

Four days before Christmas, 1866, a lookout signaled that a wagon train from the fort had been attacked. A relief party of 49 men, under Captain W. J. Fetterman, was ordered out at once; however, the Captain was told repeatedly, on no account, to pursue the Indians.

As soon as Fetterman's party was observed, the Indians attacking the wagon train withdrew. Despites his orders, Fetterman must have led his troops after the fleeing Indians into forbidden territory; for, a surgeon who sought to join the party discovered a scene of carniage. Fetterman and his command of  81 soldiers were wiped out to the man.


C.M. Russell