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C.M. Russell

Battle Between Crows and Blackfeet
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No tribe of American Indians is more surrounded by mystery than the Crows, whose hunting grounds were in what is today Montana. Many students of tribal history believe that they are descended from members of a 16th century Spanish expedition because some Crows had blue or gray eyes and brown hair.

The Crows were continually at war with the Sioux, Cheyenne, Blackfect and other tribes. About 1835, the Crow fought a bloody battle against the Blackfeet, retold much later by a Blackfeet chief, Little Plume, who witnessed it as a young boy:

"Early on the morning of the third day, the Blackfeet rallied their entire strength and made a desperate assault, and against fearful odds, succeeded, just as night came on, in driving the Crows out their entrenchments .... For two more days the fighting continued, the Crows all the time giving ground slowly. Twelve miles west of the present city of Great Falls they made their last stand .... It took the Blackfeet nation 20 years to recover from that battle, for many great warriors had been killed... and our old warriors used to say as long as there remained a Crow and a Blackfeet, so long would there be war."


C.M. Russell