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Charles M. Russell

Carson Defeats French Bully in Horseback Duel
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Item Number: R10 (Full Set of 10)
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Image Size: Embossed 16"x 10"
Paper Size: 18"x 24"
Edition Size: 50 Sets
Courtliest, most self-effacing and modest, yet bravest in battle and wisest in council; purest of heart and mind, most just and slowest to anger, but quickest with trigger and surest of aim--such a combination of superlatives could be applied only to  Kit Carson.

In 1835, while trapping with Jim Bridger, Carson encountered, among a large party of French Canadian trappers, a Captain Shunan, who had a wide reputation as a bully and a gun fighter. One morning Shunan declared in Carson's hearing that the Americans were all cowards, and Carson challenged the bully to fight in whatever manner he chose. Shunan dared Carson to a fight on horseback.

They faced each other at a distance of a hundred paces until the signal was given when each spurred his horse forward at a gallop. Both held their fire until within a few yards. Carson's bullet struck Shunan's right wrist, shattering it. Shunan's bullet grazed Carson's head, knocking his hat off. The defeat of the hated bully was the cause of celebration, in which Carson did not join. He spent the time affording relief to his opponent.


Charles M. Russell