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Placer Miners Prospection New Strike
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Item Number: R10 (Full Set of 10)
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Image Size: Embossed 16"x 10"
Paper Size: 18"x 24"
Edition Size: 50 Sets
Tragedy in some dreadfule form stalks often at the elbow of those searchers for extraordinary richness, old prospectors say. No exception to this rule, the story of Henry Comstock is a sordid one indeed: Although credited by popular belief with being the discoverer of the Comstock Lode, he was not in fact.

Two Irish Prospectors--Peter O'Riley and Pat McLaughlin--took up placer mining, or panning, for gold not far from a place where Comstock was watching over a property to keep out claim-jumpers. Getting little by placer mining, the Irishmen dug a trench and soon discoverd a rich gold vein. Through fast-talking, and most say lying, Comstock laid claim to a major portion of the strike.

Some time later, McLaughlin sold his interest for $3,500, and then drank himself to death. O'Riley hung on until he secured $40,000, but spent it all in stock speculation and died in an insane asylum. Early on, Comstock sold his holding for $1,000, and after spending most of this in riotous living, started north to Idaho where he prospected, later drifting into Montana, where he died by his own hand.


Charles Russell Prints