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CM Russell

The Wagon-Box Fight
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As a result of the victory over Captain Fetterman, Red Cloud became the Sioux nation's leading war chief. As the spring of 1867 passed, the chief assembled 3,000 warriors, the flower of the Sioux, and armed them with rifles and carbines captured from Fetterman's men.

As Red Cloud was preparing to attack Fort Phil Kearney, the post sent out a wood-cutting team of civilians with a guard detail commanded by Captain James Powell. The detail set up two camps: one in the timber and one a mile away on the open plain where Captain Powell arranged the wagon boxes end to end in an oval for defensive purposes.

Fighting began early on the morning of August 2, 1867, with the Indians attacking the camp in the woods. Powell and his men at the wagon-box corral drew the fire of the Sioux so the wood party could reach the fort. Powell's force of 32, equipped with the revolutionary Springfield breech-loading rifles--unknown to the Sioux--withstood repeated attacks and killed over 1,100 warriers, the most overwhelming victory of the U.S. Army over the Indians.


CM Russell